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The tiny house community has discovered the benefits of the ONDUVILLA roofing system. Many tiny houses are built on trailers with the intention to be mobile, and this introduces a wind resistance requirement. Traditional asphalt shingles don’t deliver enough resistance to the wind speeds encountered on highways, so that roofing choice would limit the owner to low-speed back roads for traveling.

Some tiny house owners have chosen metal roofing to get the wind resistance they need for highways speeds, but the cost and installation difficulty are much higher than asphalt shingles. ONDUVILLA has become the popular choice because the cost and installation techniques are similar to asphalt shingles, but ONDUVILLA is designed to withstand winds up to 150 miles per hour. And ONDUVILLA is available in several colors, which gives the homeowner choices for customizing the house’s appearance.

ONDUVILLA Online Store

ONDUVILLA may be purchased directly from Onduline North America through the ONDUVILLA Online Store.

ONDUVILLA Online Store

Jasmin's Tiny House

Jasmin McLean is a tiny house owner who chose ONDUVILLA for her roof. It readily met her needs: wind resistant, durable, and easy on her eyes and wallet.

McLean, of Northern California, heard about ONDUVILLA from the Tumbleweed Tiny House Co. “I thought it looked great,” she says. “And the wind resistance was even better! If you’re driving down the road going 65 miles per hour with a headwind, you want a high wind-resistance rating for the roof!”

Jasmin finishing up the roof on her tiny house with ONDUVILLA roofing

She visited ONDUVILLA's website to investigate cost and materials. “I had a quick question,” she says, “so I sent them an email and received a response in less than 24 hours!” McLean was sold. She installed ONDUVILLA on her tiny house and is thrilled with the results. “It turned out even better than I imagined. It won't fly off down the road, and it really just looks perfect.”

The best part? Despite having “zero construction experience,” McLean found installation a breeze. “The only tools you really need are a ladder, chalk line, box cutter, measuring tape and drill. Anyone can install this roof,” she says, acknowledging the growing number of do-it-yourselfers like her who are building their tiny houses from the ground up and learning as they go.

“I would definitely recommend ONDUVILLA,” she says.

To learn more about the ONDUVILLA roofing components, and to purchase ONDUVILLA shingles and accessories, visit our online store at http://shop.onduvilla-usa.com.

To learn more about ONDUVILLA wind resistance, please visit our wind test page with details and video from our tests in the Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel at the University of Maryland.

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